Pay Plan

The GBG pay plan is the best pay plan in the network marketing industry.

Qualifying for pay in GBG is easy.

All you have to do is refer two customers and you are qualified to get residual income on 10 levels.

There are a lot of powerful aspects to the GBG pay plan like the ability to qualify for up to 30 levels of pay, but the real powerful benefit is the copyrighted portion of the GBG pay plan.

The copyrighted portion of the GBG pay plan is called the Power of Pay Points.

After you refer two people as customers to GBG, you earn a pay point for each person you refer as a customer thereafter. Each pay point is another paying position in your original matrix. That means you will never max out the GBG pay plan.

There is no limit to the amount of residual income that you can earn in GBG as an independent distributor.

This opportunity is as exciting as it gets.

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Have you tried network marketing in the past and failed?
If you have tried network marketing in the past and failed, don't feel bad about it. Most people who start a network marketing business do fail.

GBG is not at all the typical network marketing opportunity.

Think about it.

When you start your GBG business, there is no pressure because the product is not breaking your bank.

There is no high priced sales pitch or anything else.

GBG is without a doubt, the easiest home business you will ever build because there is no home business to sell.

People are skeptical about home business opportunities, but they do care about their health.

If you focus on the benefits of the GBG 10 in One, people are going to be interested because they realize that health is their most important asset.

Once they are sold on the product, which they will be if you explain the benefits of the GBG 10 in One and let them try it, they are going to be more than happy to hear about the home business because it is free.

You do not have to buy more product than you need to participate in GBG and that my friends is the genius behind the GBG business model.

That is the power behind what GBG is all about.

GBG is simple and it is truly an opportunity that is was built from the ground up for the masses.

GBG Platinum Program
If you are excited about the opportunity that exists at GBG, you will definitely want to check out the GBG Platinum Program. This is the fastest way to unlock the full potential of the GBG pay plan. The platinum program is not for everyone and you can upgrade at any time, but if you want to start off on the right foot, I highly recommend considering this option.